Instructional Design

Foundation of Performance analyses, designs and develops materials with the learner in mind and involves them in their learning experience. For clients, a systematic plan is provided for implementing and evaluating all stages of the learning process targeted to achieving project goals. Our instructional design services help ensure the design and development of high-quality online and hybrid courses. 

Learner Needs Analysis

We will do two needs analysis prior to suggesting training is the way to go. First, a business needs analysis will be completed to ensure learners have the tools, resources and environment to perform. Second, "if" training is required to resolve the issue, a learners needs analysis will be completed to detail all aspects of the learner, type of training that will be completed, the material required, and risks if training is not implemented.

Instructional Design

After determining the business need, we design and develop material with the learner in mind to help engage them throughout their learning experience. A detailed training program is provided which covers all stages of the learning process which aligns with business goals. 

Curriculum Design

 When designing instructional materials, we include instruction guides, learner reading lists, WebEx presentations, videos, podcasts, case studies, etc. The decision to develop original materials depends on the types of learning outcomes. 


Here at Foundation of Performance we design customized eLearning for your business. We design eLearning to fit your business needs and to support organizational performance goals.

Learning Technologies

Learning within the organization can take place at many levels. First is the interaction among its workers to learn together and do the business of the organization. The size and needs of the organization, both current and future, will determine the level of technology that is used to support all of these levels of learning.

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