In providing exceptional learning experiences and performance improvement plans, we develop people and give them the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. Research shows that employees want to gain skills to become more versatile and valuable to an organization. A lack of proper training, mentoring and coaching is one of the main reasons employees leave a company.


Our workshops are created by using instructional design models and incorporating adult learning theory. Ultimately, both the learner and training material are taken into account so that the information is both received and applied in order to realize a business benefit.

Creating Change in a Highly Resistant Organization

Does your organization fail at change?

In this interactive workshop, you will examine a case study on how one organization, highly resistant to change due to several failed initiatives and poorly executed software implementations, embraced a new learning and performance management system,

Unlocking Performance

Building High Performance Teams

Human Performance Improvement enables leaders and organizations to become more productive in reaching their goals by using a result-based, systematic process to identify the real cause of performance issue. 

Organizations managers will learn how to complete a needs assessment to identify critical business issues and determine gaps between actual and desired performance by completing a case study.

The Fundamentals of Adult Learning

Designing Interactive Training Sessions that get Results

Adults want engagement. They want to engage with the presenter, with each other and with the content. They want to be actively involved in their learning.

Strategic Partners

The Connection Between Training and Performance Improvement

This highly interactive workshop is designed for beginning and seasoned learning professionals who are ready to move beyond traditional training methods and become strategic partners by learning how to identify the actual cause of performance gaps within an organization.

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