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Finding, training, and retaining employees can be time resource intensive for an organization. Your business should be able to make informed choices, which enhance human capital as well as business outcome in your organization. Here at Foundation of Performance, we give your small business the tools you need to improve your

Human Capital Management Process.

Human Resources Services


Corporate Outplacement Services

Responsible organizations who care about their employees will provide outplacement services to employees that are leaving the organization due to downsizing (position no longer exist) or a reduction in workforce due to lack of work.  The primary focus is to re-orient employees back into the job market.  Employers pay the cost for these services which include: Resume writing, Interviewing skills, LinkedIn for networking, information to free website building,

Talent Management Services


Job Descriptions

Having precise job description with all duties and expectations before the hiring process insure the right candidate is hired. After you find the candidate with the desired skills, that candidate will know and understands all aspects of the position and will perform at optimal performance.

Responsible organizations are quick to recognize when issues are present that will impact the mission and integrity of their organization or when leadership see major changes are needed to improve the organization, processes within, and performers.


Many times, leaders focus on the framework and not the structures within that will generate white space {gaps} that negatively impact the organization, as well, after improvements are made, impacts are seldom measured and tracked to determine their true effectiveness.

Organizational Development 

Foundation of Performance identifies gaps and provides short and long term impact interventions that align individuals and the organization to become an integrate part of an adaptable change management system.

Intervention Strategy

Foundation of Performance will work with your organization, provide in-depth analysis and data research to define the underlying issue(s), determine where the organization’s currently stands, and you will define where your organization desires to be.

 Business Analysis

Are you checking and seeing the results you want after changes? Achieving meaningful and measurable results is critical in ensuring the organization's foundation is sustainable. Providing systematic feedback loops throughout each stage of change defines whether the interventions are achieving maximum results.


In today’s constantly changing global economy, change management is necessary to ensure strategic and efficient processes are an essential part of your organizational plans. Allowing employees to see the “Big Picture” and creating buy-in early on enables the change management process to be less stressful on employees, as well as, the entire organization.


Collaboration and transparency is critical to guide resistant employees through the unknowing cycle of fear of trying something new.

Change Management

Excellent leadership is developed. Organizations that apply leadership development programs are more successful at adapting to change more quickly and effectively. Leaders with strong self-efficacy communicate, resolve problems, and mentor/coaching their employees at the highest level.

Leadership Development

The key component in every service we deliver is based on strategic project management planning. Foundation of Performance works with your team to access the current situation and risk, define goals, boundaries, and deliverable timelines, deploy project recommendations, and evaluates & measure outcomes to ensure project goals meet or exceed client expectations.

Project Management 

One of the most significant costs of not having an organizational learning and development plan are disengaged employees.

Actively disengaged employees are emotionally disconnected from their organization and may be working against your organization's goals; they are less productive, are more likely to steal from their companies, negatively influence their coworkers, miss workdays, and have poor customer service.

Foundation of Performance will work with  leaders to develop an organizational learning plan.

Employee Engagement

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